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Snow Removal Program

 You will pay a one-time, non-refundable fee for snow removal regardless of how many times your driveway is plowed.  Your monthly income will determine how much your non-refundable fee will be.  The fees will range from $24 to $150 for the whole snow season.
Remember,  you must have 5″ or more of snow and the snow storm must have stopped. Please remember your plower will have 24 to 36 hours to complete his plows.  Try and be patient and remember they can’t plow everyone at the same time!  If your driveway is longer than 120 feet there will be an additional charge to have it plowed.
Please call us to get signed up for this service.  We will take your name and number and an intake nurse will call you to get additional information.  At that time she will tell you how much your fee will be. Your fee must be paid in full before you can be plowed.  Please call early and pay early.  It may take up to 3 days after receiving payment to get the service started.
A contractor will be assigned to you and you will be given their contact information.

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